A Japanese idol group called"You'll Melt More" is recruiting a new member in simultaneous world wide casting call! Inexperienced girls are welcome.Girls who entertains people, who has much curiosity, who wants to be famous, who wants to play music in band and also be an idol, who has an outstanding personality, who loves all different genres of music, who is into sub-culture, who is punk, who is rock,who is a big eater, who has lots of things she wants to do, who wants to play at big festivals like Tokyo Idol Festival and Fuji Rock Festival,who wants to play abroad etc... Anyone who has any interests in these,raise your hands! Let's have fun together!

■What's "You'll Melt More"?

Read this interviews to know how this group are formed.(Sorry in Japanese)
(left ro right:momopi @momopi29、non chan @ylmlm_non、kechon @ylmlm_kei、yumicorn @ylmlm_yumiko) You'll Melt More are a Japanese idol group formed on 4th October 2012.Since the first concert in December 2012,under the concept that "We'll melt this rigid world",they have been talked about in the subculture scene down to their trademark of using songs which are a mix of all kinds of genres like new wave,punk,hip hop,electro. On the 1st of June,they held a Music Festival named "You'll Fes more!". 11 bands and idol groups performed there under the umbrella of "You'll Melt More" . And they also performed on a ship in Tokyo bay with Bellring Girls Heart and are planning lots of unique and unusual events like Hot Spring Festival. As of right now they are only currently selling the single "HELLO WORLD EP".

who wants to entertain people!

By your singing and dancing,loosen people's tired hearts.That is our concept to "melt the world".

who wants to do fun things,meet fun people!

Let's make fun together! Let's surprise the world together! You can meet strangers and new people around us so that you make your world wider.

who has so many dreams!

If you have so many dreams not only to be idol group, this could be a stepping stone for you,try lots of other things you want to do. We will support for your dreams!

who wants to be famous!

We'll work so hard to make this group big! We only have attractions like Speed,Action,Breakthrough! We have confidence and the result is that solo shows and festivals have been a success.

who wants to do punk rock be using format as an idol group!

I love punk! I love hardcore! I hate to do things same as others and break all existing values! We are waiting for girls like you!

who wants to play music as band and also be idol!

Our goal is to be offered at idol festival as an idol and be offered at rock festival as band.We want to play both at Tokyo Idol Festival and Fuji Rock Festival!

who wants to play guitars in front of audience!

We'll make your dream come true tommorow! We sometimes make you stand on stage after 3 hours lesson but don't worry.We don't care about how lo-fi it is, we want you to know how fun to play music together!

who loves so many kinds of genres of music!

Techno,punk,electro,new wave,hip hop,shoegazer,alterative rock,hardcore,all are welcome! We prepare good songs and wait for you coming!

who is full of curiosity!

This is much more stimulating world here than going to India, going to Machu Picchu.So satisfy your hungry curiosity with it.Boredom is our enemy! To a girl who feels every day is boring!Goodbye boredom! We will destroy your boredom!

whose individuality is about to explode!

Release your individuality is about to explode.We don't interfere with you, so grow up your own individuality.

who loves singing and dancing!

Let's just sing and dance! We don't need Language with singing and dancing.Know and feel how good feeling is to become one together.

who has a gut feeling that she can do something despite she has never done in the presence of other people!

There is no reason to start something.If your intuition says to do it, now is the time!

who has any special ability!

Game, big eater,well sleeper,surfing,cosplay,anything goes! If you have any special ability,use something with it on stage! We might write a song about it!

who loves large‐scale things!

If you love large‐scale things like that favorite lake is the Caspian Sea! We also always are megalomania! Let's make that wild fancy into real!

who thinks she is an ordinary and boring person!

No no,not at all! You just don't notice your own attraction! We,producer team will bring out the hidden talent and attraction in you!

who loves fashion and graphic design!

Please make "You'll Melt More" more stylish and cooler! Suggest your idea about costume and artwork anytime! Design by yourself!

who just likes Japan!

It's very good reason for you to do it! We can introduce lots of japanese friends and let you know lots of things about Japan!

who wants to work on the world stage!

We also want to struggle to be big overseas! Through this activity, connect people beyond borders! We are planning a Music Festival in another country!

who wants to be a comedian!

We really love a sense of humor! Do you want to laugh people by your stand-up comedy during concert? We also plan to hold a festival to collaborate with musician and comedian!

who don't want to read this page because of too much information!

So sorry! We're just too excited to give you our thoughts! You don't have to read at all.Just dive here without thinking!

who just wants to make fun of us!

Window‐shopper is very welcome! You can just check like what people organize this group!

application method

Mail us at(asipota@gmail.com).
Send 2 photos(face and body shot) and fill out questionnaire below.
We'll choose carefully and reply to you ASAP

  • Name
  • Age
  • Mail address
  • Where you live
  • Language you can speak
  • Kind of music you like
  • What you are hooked in recently
  • Reason for application

membership requirement

  • unexprienced girls are welcome
  • Girls aged around 12〜28
    ※No registration fee

audition process

  1. Paper audition
  2. Skype audition

If you pass audition, you'll be a member of You'll Melt More!
We can't play on stage so often.So let's collabolate on internet!
We will sing in your language!
Or we play together when we come to your place.
Anyway we can do lots of fun things together!